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Shielding those in harm's way...

Warrior Kit is a purveyor of Point Blank Enterprises -NIJ certified- ballistic protective equipment. Our aim is supplying first responders and other persons in related fields, with superior armor and protective solutions; benefiting our customers by providing necessary ballistic protection in today's high-threat environments as they perform their duties in the field.  Our job begins with you - understanding what you need, so we can offer you the best options to fit your protective needs. http://pointblankenterprises.com/   

Customer service - it's personal...

We provide unrivaled, personal customer service by assisting our clients through the entire process of selecting, ordering, purchasing, and obtaining armor to meet their agency's requirements and needs, while offering competitive pricing and value.  It doesn't end there! We follow up and maintain good relationships with our customers.  If you need us - we're always here for you.

We believe in the armor we sell...

Some say experience is the best teacher.  As someone who has worn Point Blank body armor in the line of duty, as both a patrol officer and a SWAT team member, I can attest to the quality, protection level and comfort of their vests.  I donned it with confidence and the knowledge that I was wearing the best protective ballistics available to help get me home safely to my family.  It's not just armor - it's peace of mind.  

John - Owner  of Warrior Kit

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BVP - Bulletproof Vest Partnership 

How does my agency take advantage of the Federal Grant Partnership to receive 50% Reimbursement for our vest purchase?


Federal Grant Partnership links:

BVP Home Page: http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bvpbasi/ 

Information and procedures to help you register as a user in the BVP system, associate your user account with an agency, and log in.


BVP Helpdesk: vests@usdoj.gov.   

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Challenging times...

In this current day and age, we are all too aware of the potential threat first responders face every day in the line of duty.  It is Warrior Kit's goal "To Protect Those Who Protect And Serve" by offering and providing defensive protective solutions.  Safety is our number one priority!

Armor up!

We offer ballistic protection to fit various needs and budgets, from the individual first responder and small agencies to large departments with complex outfitting requirements.   

Who we are...

Warrior Kit is Veteran/Retired LEO owned and operated, which gives us deep insight to the importance of shielding our men and women who are the first line of defense in aiding and protecting our citizens. We are dedicated to providing the best protective equipment available on the market today to safeguard our first responders as they put their lives on the line.

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We do not have a retail location, but we do have a really cool cyber office.  For pricing, product information and formal quotes fill in the Drop Us A Line fields and click SEND.                            We'll get back with you ASAP.           

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